Up In The Lab is an innovative technology company that is always ‘cooking up’ new and innovative technologies and products. The Lab’s first brand introduced last year was Juiced2Go™. The company is gearing up to introduce the world to its Dual Magic Flash™ (iOS Lightning® & Micro USB dual tip with USB to easily transfer files between devices), its distribution partnership with WowFixIt, as well as, the X-Brain™ All-In-One Smart Home Media Router through a strategic partnership with Xunison. www.upinthelab.com

CES 2018

 Up In The Lab will be launching a new All-In-One Smart Home Hub with Xunison to easily manage any device with IoT capabilities, access a plethora of digital media and entertainment, and provide network security from one easily accessible router and hub.  The company will also be debuting the Dual Magic Flash Drive- an iOS Lightning &  Micro USB dual tip with USB thumb drive to easily transfer files between devices.  The Lab’s other brands include Juiced2Go & WowFixIt which will both debut new additions at CES 2018.  

  (LVCC, South Hall 3 – Upper Level) – Booth #31816

To schedule an interview or product demo, please email tracey@productivitypr.com

Press Releases

CES2018 UITL PressRelease FINAL (doc)


Xunison UITL Press Release CES FINAL (doc)


WowFixIt-Akon release FINAL (doc)