Viatek is a world leader developing and marketing great products. We have great  distribution partners in both retail and TV who enjoy the success of our  products and the support Viatek offers its customers. With offices  around the world and established factory partners, Viatek can ensure  product success through manufacturing and worldwide distribution.

Night Stars

 Night Stars Landscape Lighting are a decorative light that’s ideal for  both indoor and outdoor use. They project points of brightly colored  light onto walls, dance floors, landscapes, pools, gazebos, etc. Create  an instant atmosphere for parties and entertaining or add a splash of  color and interest to your home, yard, or garden nightly.


 At home? At the office? On the go? Using industrial power tools? The  Pivot Power™ series has you covered everywhere and is able to meet every  user’s need. Whether you need to connect a wide range of bulky plugs,  hook up media equipment for business, or control your power strip  through your mobile phone when not in the building, there is a Pivot  Power™ that can do it. 


Artica stainless steel dual walled vacuum insulated tumblers, growlers,  coolers, and other drink wares are the best value on the market.

Bob Vila

 Bob Vila has been a household name and an icon of home remodeling  for over four decades. Now, he is thrilled to start his next project -  his own line of products. Aiming to bring his fans a unique line with  Bob Vila Products, Bob has personally selected these items to meet their  DIY needs in all aspects of the remodeling process.

Viatek Products

 We all have ideas. Whether they are conceived in our board room or  brought to us by and inventor, Viatek is continually dreaming of developing  the next great product.