Oxygen Damages Wine.  Only ZOS Removes ALL Oxygen.


Once you open a bottle, the wine is exposed to oxygen.  Over  time, the oxygen will damage the wine’s flavor.  Only ZOS removes  all of the oxygen.  Other systems remove some, but even a little oxygen  will damage your wine.


The ZOS is made of an oxygen  barrier stopper attached to a replace-able cartridge. You simply insert  the ZOS Stopper into an open bottle of wine and within minutes,  our patented, non-toxic cartridge absorbs all of the oxygen in the  bottle. Each cartridge lasts 5-15 bottles and is easily replace. The  system comes with a tester to know when you need to replace your  cartridge.   

Included with each ZOS is a testing  holder. This holder performs two functions. First, by inserting the ZOS  Stopper into the tester, it will perform a test to tell you if the  cartridge is still good, or if it needs to be replaced by displaying a  green (good) or red (change) light. The holder is also a sealed  container that will preserve the life of the cartridge between uses. Because the cartridge is such a powerful oxygen absorber, exposure to  oxygen will significantly reduce cartridge life. When not in use, the  ZOS should always be store in this protective holder.

Press Releases

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